Sunday Mix from Seismic Thrust

Way back in 2012 Seismic Thrust told us they were a "psychedelic garage shoegaze-folk" band in an interview after their first set at Walla Fest.  These days, since experiencing their comeback on the first night of our two day Walla, it looks as though the band has be prancing through more experimental territory with lots of guitar pedals, fuzz, screeches, noise, longer jams and all that good stuff.  For a band that seems to pull influences from many different places, the following mix comes as no surprise.

In this week's whirlwind of songs you'll find music from Philly's own Alex G, Bauhaus, The Microphones, Neu! Death Grips and lots of things I've never heard before.  Always good to find something new. - Keba

p.s. Have a happy Halloween everyone!