Sunday Scraps with Boog

There was one summer when the Walla fam would go to Steel City's open mic a lot.  And when one goes to Steel City frequently, you start to notice who the regulars are. boog was one of those regulars and from the first time we saw him play a couple of years ago we knew we wanted to invite him to Walla Fest. 

Since then he's played at Mini Walla, last winter's big show, and even made a come back to one of our open mics last summer.  Here is a fine collision of sounds for you this morning. It starts with Minor Threat and ends with Iggy Pop but in the the middle of the musical sandwich there's some Joanna Newsom and Kanye West. -Keba

"Since my iPod died on me, I have a limited range of cds to spin at work. This is the strange tapestry of some strange small scraps."boog