Sunday Mix for Savage Children

Nicole VanAller, aka Child Savage, has been sharing her music with the Walla Fest crowd for quite some time now.  Not unlike the ambivalence in her stage name, her tunes pivot back and forth between the extremes of windy gentleness and growling despair - sending nerve tingles down everybody's spine.  

She's brought her music to two Mini Wallas,   a handful of open mics and made her first appearance on the fourth floor stage in July. She also has an incredibly catchy song called Ghost that I find myself humming every once in a while.

This week, Child Savage made us a mix that features a bunch of folky jams perfect for the impending chill of winter, lots of which happen to be songs by female singer-songwriters like SoKo, Kimya Dawson and Laura Marling.

When asked what she's up to these days, Savage says,"I'm currently writing an EP that I plan on releasing in late January/February." Watch out world! And in the meantime, dig into this. - Keba