Sunday Mix: Anonymous Mad Villainy

Krispy, Manny, Vickery and Thor are the four young artists that make up DIY t-shirt company, Anonymous Mad Villainy (though they recently started making beanies too!).  Hailing from Philadelphia, don't be surprised if you see local musicians rocking their hand dyed tees on stage or one of them speeding down the street on a skateboard.  We had the pleasure of having them show their art and t-shirts at Walla Fest in August 2012. Check 'em out here and take a listen to what they jam to when they're doing what they do best, making tees, in the following Sunday mix.  -Keba

Track List:

Bound 2 - Kanye West
Kush Coma - Danny Brown ft. ASAP Rocky and Zelooperz
The View From the Afternoon - Arctic Monkeys
Pouches of Tuna - Action Bronson ft. Roc Marciano
Lyla - The Districts
Mila Kunis ft. Huzzah (Prod. Poptartpete)
Method Man - Wu Tang Clan
Girl - Das Racist
Feel It All Around - Washed Out
Even Though - Giraffage & XXYYXX


"It's like you're putting your art somewhere for people to see. People hit billboards, people hit freight trains, they're trying to get their name out and show people what they can do. It's the same thing. With clothing, we put our art and our name on a t-shirt and people wear that around an they're like the billboard, they're like the fright train. We can show our shit through them." - Andrew Vickery