Sunday Mix: Abi Reimold

See, Abi Reimold's jams are thorough. Taking up a lot of space, space inside of which a great deal is said. Still, at no point should you feel overwhelmed or as if any bit of it is lost on you. This is because when you put her on, what can not be read into directly can be felt implicitly.

The mood is a tasteful amount of headspace accompanied by less breathing room than could possibly be comfortable. It gives way to her songs taking on an aggressive shape without without being mired by the kind of depravity that makes things hard to enjoy.   In that way her songs are not just thorough, but they're thoughtful.

She's graced us with a pretty dope playlist this week, enjoy it!

Acrobat Angel Olsen 
Climax Usher
I Don't Mind Emily Yancina
Cooking Duster
Ride Out K. Michelle
Save That Shit(Dat Piff Exclusive) Cheif Keiff
Dreem Machine Alex G
Plastic Cup Cj and Evan

Check out Abi playing at the last Walla Fest. Cause that's a good thing to do.

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