Sunday Mix: Shari Heck

Shari Heck: friend of Walla, lead singer of Cyberbully Mom Club, artist, and full time cool cat, put together a few songs this week's Sunday mix. Thinking about it now, she's actually been down from day one. She's easily one of the first people to show art at Walla Fest and one of the first faces we began to see regularly; a Walla O.G. for certain. We’re talking end of high school, beginning of college, nearly three years ago, O.G. status. It’s crazy, scary, humbling, fucking joyous, and a laundry list of other loaded adjectives that we’ve been at it that long and Shari’s definitely  a part of that history. That being said It’s pretty killer she did this. It’ll make you wanna dance, feel stuff, maybe break stuff. “Weather king you are the king of the weather,” get hype. - Raz


Hay Baby Weather King
Getting it On Sales
Hold Yer Tounge PWR BTTM
Scene Sick Diet Cig
Archie, Marry Me Alvvays
Dirty Laundry Cayetana
The D PWR BTTM /Jawbreaker Reunion
Alright Supergrass

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