Sunday Mix - Marcus Branch

Talking about Marcus Branch isn't unlike trying to render some kind of hyper realistic drawing from a half remembered dream. When I'm there and looking at him everything seems crystalline, interpretable, and I'm so wowed by it, but when it's gone I'm at a loss for words. 

Stranger: Tell me about Marcus Branch.
Me: Well he's extremely funny but he can be serious I guess.... Excellent dancer, that guy.  Amazing artist.  Impeccable taste in every sense of the word.
Stranger: In what way?
Me: Uhhhhhhhhh, you'd have to meet him.

You have to meet him. Marcus has essentially been schooling me and probably everyone else on the meaning of dope since...well, forever.  His work always presents a striking aesthetic that is sharp yet delicate.  But I'm no art critic and much like the man himself, his art is something one probably has to interact with to understand.

A couple of summers ago Marcus came through Walla Fest and took everyone's portrait for a series called "Walla Faces;" a year later we showed all the pictures in the Walla gallery.   Even with that project - just with a bunch of head shots -  you can see how he has a way with the camera.  He really is a rare bird who has been cool enough to put together a playlist for this Sunday's mix. It's a damn cool one too - like really really really cool.  Might make you dance, or laugh, or just sit around thinkin' about stuff and all the things attached. And as is always the case with Marcus Branch, I'm sitting here scratching my head wondering how he does it. I don't think anyone but him could have made this one.  Also, check out Marcus's work here.  -Raz



For Free (Interlude) Kendrick Lamar
Legend Drake
Me Alone Gabriel Garzon - Montano
Mister Chameleon weareKINGworldwide
Shakin That Ass Travis Porter
Mascara Jazmine Sullivan
Chill Pad Deluxe Majid Jordan
No Me Queda Mas Selena

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