Sunday Mix - Rich Flow

photo by Pharaoh Visions

As we get ready to move from Norristown it gets stranger and stranger to think about all the people we've encountered in the last 4 years. After year one, acts were making their way to Walla Fest from way outside town, and that was and will continue to be one of the most exciting things about working on this project. Meeting people from all over, passing through for any reason, is the kind of thing that keeps a project like this exciting. Still, looking at our home, Norristown and The Centre Theatre, leaving is hard. Leaving is hard but remembering what got you where you are doesn't have to be I guess. 

Norristown native, Rich Flow did us the honor of putting together a playlist for this week. I think I've known who Rich is since maybe the 9th grade - certainly before any of this Walla Business.  Every time he releases a mixtape or I see a video of him performing at Walla, that fact crosses my mind. I think: " Oh man, Norristown High is still a place.That guy sat across from me in General Science.Like a whole nine years ago.Shit.Time is a Mystery." In that order. Him putting together this mixtape, in this moment, It just seems so right.

He remains a staple in our town's music scene. For a while "Music scene" was a phrase we always thought funny to throw around Norristown. But if Rich's handful of performances at Walla over the years are any indication, he is a steward of music and D.I.Y  culture in our hometown. Be it performing, helping to foster 610 Entetainment, or pushing homemade copies of his mixtape, Rich has always made it a point to contribute to the growth of art and music in Norristown.


Intro Logic
Down On My Luck Vic Mensa 
Maintain Dizzy Wright x Joey Badass
Earned It The Weeknd
Nostalgia Chance The Rapper
Quick Jot Rich Flow
Do You Love Me? Big KRIT
Saturdays=Celebration Big KRIT 

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