Sunday Mix - Andrew Meoray

This week's playlist comes from Andrew Meoray. We met Andrew for the first time around 2011. He was playing guitar and singing in Idle Idols at the time. We had just gotten turned on to The Districts, who they had just come off this mini tour with (Or were they about to start that tour? Did this even happen? I feel like it happened, but time is a mystery.), all while we were just starting to bring in artists from outside of Norristown PA.  It was just so astounding to us that two really cool bands who just happened to know each other pretty well were down for that show. Seriously, Idle Idols were the coolest, loudest, tightest, no fucks given group we had encountered at that point. Having them play just felt SO COOL. 

After Idle Idols broke up he was singing in Q Family Band which was this dope Edward Sharp-y folk collective; they played Walla maybe twice, three times????? It’s been five years man,it’s getting hard to keep track of it all. Now, he’s drumming in Vivre Sa Vie who on top of playing Walla Fest last year, played a Walla Presents show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn last December. Somewhere in between all of that he did time as a member of rap group Astronauts Really Fly and started doing really cool shit as a solo artist. As far as Walla goes, he definitely holds the record for most appearances at and most bands played with. With a Sufjan-esque repertoire of instruments, and like four genres under his belt, truth be told Andrew is one of the most versatile musicians to hit up Walla Fest ever. On top of all this, did I mention that he’s just a good straight up good person? Either way, I truly hope that I’ve sufficiently hyped this awesome ass dude. If I haven’t, check the playlist, it says everything. -Raz

Track List:
Float On  Modest Mouse
Kidnap Me  CRUISR
The Others  Good Luck
The Art Of Peer Pressure  Kendrick Lamar
Your Song Feat. Chance the Rapper  Lil Wayne 
I Wanna Be Your Lover Prince
Cynicism  Nana Grizol
Dirty Dishes  Deer Tick
Like a River Runs (Jacks 2015 Rework)  Bleachers
Bramble Blast  Donkey Kong 
Know Yourself  Drake
Popper: Requiem, Op. 66  Coenraad Bloemendal, Valerie Tryon

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