Sunday Mix - Cory McConnell

Music docs are the coolest. I probably couldn't begin to recount the hours that I spent pre YouTube scouring the Internet for small clips from interviews with my favorite musicians. I mean, I would have spent hours in front of a computer screen if it meant I got to watch John Frusciante read out of a phone book for two minutes.

I think it's the idea that these people we connect with through music are real that kind of gives any visual contextualization of their ideas a lot of meaning. You hear so much of them without seeing them and you listen to the music so deeply and for  so long that it's hard not to relate to an interview or a documentary in a really excited way. It's like meeting a person who you've known forever for the first time. There's no more: " I say it poetically and you try and guess what I mean." Just: "I speak plainly and you've either affirmed what you think you know or stand correcte." Music docs and the like are really amazing ways to shrink the gap between what you feel about certain music and what truly is.

With the Internet becoming more of a thing each day, the scope through which we can actually see the world increases in size. So when I caught "Things Are OK" , the Girlpool documentary, for the first time I actually got really excited; cause here was a  short documentary about artists that everyone doesn't actually know.   I couldn't help but feel like walla would be a good place to screen it. I guess it was just more proof that people can make really meaningful work about musicians who are important to them and it doesn't matter if they're famous or if they earn you a million views on YouTube. it just matters that you care and that the people watching care; and maybe that's one of the things that makes Walla Fest so amazing to me as well. 

Having said that, it's cool that Cory McConnell, the guy who directed "Things Are Ok " and was nice enough to let us screen it at Walla, has put together a playlist for this week. So check it out! Cause the playlist is dope and learning more about what your favorite creatives are like was the point of this rant, no?


Brother  Annuals
Ripe For Love  Young Guz
Lake Michigan  Rogue Wave
The Video Dept  The Radio Dept
Some Are Lakes  Land of Talk
Safety Bricks  Kevin Drew
Stuck on the Puzzle  Alex Turner
Fatalist Palmistry  Why?
Elevator Love Letters  Stars
Softshock  Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Walla Fest is next weekend at PhilaMOCA on August 8th and 9th. Girlpool: Things are OK by Cory McConnell will be screening on the 9th at 8:00 PM. RSVP HERE

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