Sunday Mix - Roof Doctor

I’m just gonna bypass anything resembling a pep talk or the verbal equivalent of a Rocky montage right now.

I’ve been writing up these Sunday mixes for a little bit, and in this moment I feel that it’s only right that the words attached to this mix can some how manage to touch on the weight of doing something for the last time. The longer some things last the more weight they accumulate. When I think back to the beginning of Walla I can’t help but laugh at the linoleum and the folding chairs; how Walla (then fondly referred to as The Extravaganza), started as a small gathering of minds in the cafeteria at Norristown Area High School.

This final Walla Fest has me naturally thinking about change. Walla Fest went from a cafeteria, to a theater in Norristown, PA, through PhilaMOCA, various apartments, houses, and venues and has been crafted, displayed, touched, by many hands over many years. Each time it’s been changed a little by something it rolls into.

Despite this being a fun time to think about all the awesome things that we’ve gotten the chance to do, it’s a good time to remember that there’s still lots of cool stuff left to do too! Roof Doctor, for example, has never played Walla Fest, and I can only imagine how cool it’ll be to see it for the first time on December 27th! On top of this being their first time at Walla, they’ve hooked us up with an extremely righteous and surprisingly meditative mix. Something about it makes you feel like it’s time to check out. Some Van Morrison, some dub, some jangle pop; it’s all there. Despite the massive genre pallet, a lot of the songs maintain a hypnotic quality. I think the same can be said about Roof Doctors’ music too; breezy, indifferent, but focused. It’s fitting for the final mix, something with energy, something for a long drive.

Here it is in its final incarnation and I can feel Walla Fest and all these sounds fat with the experiences and efforts of so many people, and that’s such a rare thing it’s unbelievable. Hope you guys can feel it all around. Big up Roof Doctor for being the conduit for this last hurrah wizardry and giving nostalgia a vessel. AND to all the O.G’s for hangin, making good music, being good people, making thoughtful playlists, trinkets, good food and art from the jump! We love you SINCERELY.

Peace, Raz

Vulfpeck - Back Pocket
Here We Go Magic - Fangela
Blaze Foley - Clay Pidgeons
The Weakerthans - Night Windows
Good Luck - The Others
Thing - Van Morrison
Tortoise - Gesceap
The Gifted Children - How Important The Local Creek


Come and see Roof Doctor play at the last Walla Fest along with Straw Hats, Abi Reimold, boog and Manatee!

RSVP here.

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